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Our Management Team

Riverside Management Group's upper level managemet team has over 100 years of experience in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Industry.

Duarte "Duke" Carvalho
CEO & President, Principal
Duke Carvalho
As one of the original founders of Riverside Management Group LLC, Duke’s current responsibilities include making all executive decisions for the company including company vision, growth and site development. Duke has an in depth business and entrepreneurial history within the banking, retail, and service industries. Duke also holds seats on many executive boards and committees within the Quick Service Restaurant industry.

Arthur Rodrigues
C.O.O., Principal
Arthur Rodrigues
As Co-founder of Riverside Management Group LLC, Arthur’s responsibilities include overseeing daily operations of all locations, delivery operations, and equipment and maintenance. With an engineering background, Arthur brings a technical expertise to the management team that is unparalleled.

David Carvalho
C.F.O., Principal
David oversees all financial management, management information systems, and human resource aspects of the company. With a dual degree in Mathematics and Entrepreneurial Studies from Babson College, David brings a multitude of entrepreneurial skills and business knowledge to the company.

Jessica (Carvalho) Möller
Vice President of Retail Operations
Jessica oversees all retail functions of the company. With many years of quick quality restaurant experience and a Management degree from Bentley University, Jessica brings extraordinary organization and management skills to RMG. In addition to her retail responsibilities, all training and marketing functions are delegated by Jessica.

Mario DaSilva
Director of Retail Operations
Mario oversees the retail operations of all locations. Mario has over 20 years of experience within the Dunkin Donuts, Quick Service business. With this knowledge Mario has experienced hands on growth of the brand that is invaluable in the growth of the company. Mario is dedicated to guest satifaction at all times.

Karim Bendami
General Manager of Retail Operations

Surya Thapa
General Manager of Retail Operations

Mauricio Teixeira
General Manager of Retail Operations

  Jeffrey Reis
Maintenance Team Leader


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